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Drivers wanted: Halifax Transit looking to return to full service by the end of summer


A push is on to fill job openings with Halifax Transit.

There are roughly 42 vacancies within the public transit service, according to Maggie-Jane Spray, a spokesperson for Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).

Based on the city’s current hiring plan, the hope is to get back to full service with a full complement of staff by late summer.

“That doesn’t necessarily align with tourism season, however, we typically see our biggest increase in ridership in the fall, when students return back for school,” said Spray in an interview with CTV News.

But the business community thinks there’s still room for to grow.

“I think a reliable transit service is really important for downtown businesses,” said Patrick Sullivan, the president and CEO of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. “It’s important for businesses all around Halifax.”

Once the city meets its previous levels of service, Sullivan says he would like to see the transit system enhanced.

“It’s important for people to be able to get to work, return from work; reduce the number of cars on the road. All of that is very, very important to both small and large businesses,” Sullivan said.

Spray says Halifax Transit currently has budget approval for 640 positions.

Bus driver Dilshad Aulkh has been behind the wheel for two years. He says it’s a career worth pursuing.

”It’s a stable job and it’s a government job with benefits, so that’s why I’m in,” said Aulkh.

To recruit more operators like Aulkh, representatives from Halifax Transit will be at a job fair Saturday in Porter’s Lake, N.S. Top Stories

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