GRAND MANAN, N.B. -- Fisheries and Oceans says it will try to find and tag a North Atlantic right whale that is entangled in the Gulf of St. Lawrence when the weather clears up.

The department says it is working with the Campobello Whale Rescue Team to figure out what the options are for disentanglement.

It says officials do not yet know the state of the whale or how long it's been entangled.

The department says the whale was first spotted late Saturday afternoon by a Canadian Coast Guard Vessel northeast of Miscou Island in a zone that's been closed to most fisheries since April.

Six of the highly endangered species have been found dead so far this year.

There are about 400 North Atlantic right whales left, and deaths are outpacing live births.

A necropsy is set to take place on Monday for Clipper, the most recent whale to be found dead in Canadian waters.