Amherst hosted a weekend-long FireFit competition consisting of a series of challenges that simulate the issues that firefighters face every day.

Organizer and Amherst firefighter Matther Selig says the community has embraced the event.

“We went to 60 different businesses in town and asked for their sponsorship and it’s amazing the way the community comes back and brings whatever we needed,” he says.

The event also tries to connect in a more casual environment.

“We talk about fitness, but we also talk about job related things,” says Fredericton firefighter Ryan Hallam. “We learn different things that are going on across Canada. It’s a great opportunity to network and learn from fellow firefighters.”

The Amherst competition is one of about 15 held each year in Canada. There is a national and world competition, but organizers say it is about a whole lot more than who wins and loses.

“You finish that course and it doesn’t matter if you ran three minutes and the guy next to you ran 1:25,” says Selig. “He is going to get up and shake your hand. That is what it’s all about. Boys don’t ask what your time is, they ask you if you finished.”

With files from CTV Atlantic’s David Bell.