HALIFAX -- Nova Scotia’s liberal government has tabled legislation prohibiting the sale, reproduction, and possession of police items such as uniforms, badges, marked vehicles and equipment.

The move comes almost a year after a gunman dressed as an RCMP officer driving a mock police cruiser killed 22 people in a 13-hour rampage.

If passed, the Police Identity Management Act also requires police departments throughout the province to have procedures in place to track and dispose of equipment.

"Those days in April were two of our province’s darkest days," said Justice Minister and Attorney General Randy Delorey. "This is about making it more difficult for anyone with such criminal intent to obtain the artifact or article that would make that impersonation possible."

The proposed legislation would make it illegal to possess police vehicle markings or equipment, except in certain cases, such as for use in a film production or in a museum.

It would also prohibit anyone who is not a police officer or a police cadet from having police articles or uniforms in their possession.

Anyone found in violation of the Act would be subject to a fine of up to $10,000, a jail sentence of up to three months, or both.

A company found in violation of the Act would face a fine up to $25,000.

Delorey told reporters today he hopes to have the bill passed as soon as possible, to take effect within the year.