Halifax Regional Police have made more than a dozen arrests after a series of drug busts focused on street-level and mid-level drug dealers, and they say more arrests are on the way. 

Officers arrested and charged 17 men and women, ranging in age from 16 to 65, for dealing illegal and prescription drugs.

The arrests come as part of two undercover operations over the past two months focusing on east-end Dartmouth and the area of Gottingen and Uniacke Streets.

“It’s part of a multi-faceted strategy,” says deputy chief Bill Moore. ”There has to be community support for individuals, things like education, things like getting people to make good decisions, not to go into dealing drugs. It has to be all encompassing. It just can’t be about catch and release.”

Police say the drug trade is directly linked to recent gun violence in parts of the Halifax region and taking dealers off the street will have an impact on the overall safety of the community.