Now that cannabis smokers can light up legally, those in the Halifax area will be smoking side-by-side with cigarette smokers, but only in the new designated areas.

They'll share the same space and the same air, but some tobacco users are concerned about the smell of weed following them back to work.

For the first time this couple is lighting up - legally.....smoking a joint in downtown Halifax.

“I've been smoking for 10 years and this is the first time that it's legal, so it feels really good to not feel like a criminal,” said Dylan Behan.

Behan and Emma Gawne were smoking in one of the municipality's new designated smoking areas.

By the end of Wednesday, the city expected to create 50 spots in total throughout the municipality.

But this couple says they're hoping to see more. 

“There's still a lot missing in west and north end,” said Gawne. “That's going to have a big impact, especially on Dal campus.”

While the number of designated smoking areas has jumped significantly since the weekend, municipal officials say more are expected by Friday.

“The bottom line is we're trying to make sure that people have a way to move through the community without having to be hit by the smoke,” said Halifax Regional Municipality spokesman Brendan Elliott.

A CTV Nanos poll finds nearly two in three Canadians are concerned or somewhat concerned about marijuana smoke in private locations - a similar thought echoed by some people in Halifax's designated smoking areas.

“Where we work in offices and stuff like that,  and we're not allowed to smoke it,” said Martin Bayers.“You go in with it on your clothes -- they think you're smoking -- and you can get fired by doing that.”

Elliott says“if someone is smoking marijuana beside someone who is smoking tobacco, remember that not everyone wants to be around that smell, and vice versa.”

Gawne and Behan agree. They don't like walking through someone else's cloud of smoke when they're not partaking.

But for now, Gawne is soaking it up.

“I'm officially allowed to do this,” said Gawne. “It's crazy.”

It’s a bit of a celebration for this couple as they legally light up for the first time in Canadian history.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Suzette Belliveau.