HALIFAX -- The family of a missing Irishtown, New Brunswick, man has spent the week combing the city of Moncton trying to find him. They’ve travelled from the U.S. and Ontario, but say they’ve had no luck – prompting them to ask for the public's help.

On Friday, at a Moncton hotel lobby, the family of missing man, Adam Howard, were planning their next steps.

Sandra Slater travelled from Las Vegas; meanwhile her two daughters, Amy and Christine Howard, came from Ontario. The three arrived in Moncton on Monday, trying to find their son and brother.

Howard was last seen walking along Route 115 toward Moncton on the morning of January 6. He was reported missing two days later.

The trio has scoured Moncton, passing out missing posters, knocking on doors and talking to those who say they know Howard.

On Friday, they decided to return to Riverview's RCMP detachment to enquire about potential leads.

“It's a knot in my stomach, not knowing,” says mother, Sandra Slater. “It's a knot in my stomach, just not hearing from him; it's a knot in my stomach not hearing his voice.”

Slater says she usually speaks to her son three times a week. She mentions he's a talented athlete, artist and barber who does "hair tattoos."

The family says navigating through rumours and misinformation has been difficult, adding they’re only in town to find their beloved family member.

“We love him, and we really want him to come home,” says sister, Amy. “And if there's anyone that can help us, we would be eternally grateful.”

“I want my brother back,” says sister, Christine. “I just want him to come home, and I want him to know how much I love him and that I'd do anything for him.”

RCMP say they haven’t received any new information but encourage anyone who feels they may know something, to come forward. Specifically, they are asking for timely tips, which could help fill gaps.

Meanwhile, Howard's mother and sister are planning to return home during the weekend. However, sister, Christine, plans to stay and continue the search.

“It's just been tearing my heart out, to be honest with you,” says Slater. “It's been hard.”