ELMSDALE, N.S. -- It is the ticket that has become the talk of the town, and after weeks of ticket sales, a fundraising lottery in Enfield, N.S.. came to a dramatic close on Friday night.

Tammy Prest won the $482,000 jackpot in a fundraiser for the Royal Canadian Legions in Enfield and Elmsdale, along with the Corridor Community Options for Adults (CCOA) with intellectual and physical disabilities.

"Our particular organization is in the midst of a fundraising campaign to put up a new building, so this is a huge thing for us," said Ross Young of Corridor Community Options.

The pot of money has been growing over the last year.

"It started off slow, as most of these things go, and built over time as the pot grew," Young said.

Ticket seller Beth MacDonnell said ticket sales picked up around the end of October.

"The pot really started to grow, word of mouth was spreading that we were over $100,000," she said.

Approximately $700,000 was raised in 48 weeks of ticket sales.

"The money that was raised for CCOA will be used toward their building fund," said MacDonnell "The Enfield and Elmsdale legions will take their monies and put it toward their legions."