Louise the llama is home safe and sound after spending 19 hours on the lam in a New Brunswick community.

The Kaser family thought the seven-month-old llama, which they recently purchased in Amherst, N.S., would feel right at home with their horses in a pasture in Quispamsis.

However, Louise had other plans and slipped underneath a gate Tuesday morning, leaving her free to roam the neighbourhood.

“She was in with some horses and normally I think they form a bond to other animals in the herd, but probably since she’d only been here since Sunday evening, she hadn’t yet made that bond,” says owner Owen Kaser.

The Kasers realized Louise was missing Tuesday afternoon when they received a call that she had been spotted around town.

After 19 hours and several reported sightings, members of the Kaser family and some of their friends, managed to locate and capture Louise Wednesday morning.

She has since been returned to the Kaser’s hobby farm, where she will be kept in the barn until she is more comfortable with her surroundings.

The family says they will also improve the fencing around their pasture.