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Man shot and killed by police in Dartmouth, HRP refer shooting to SiRT

A man is dead after being shot by police in Dartmouth during an incident Saturday morning.

Halifax Regional Police officers were called to the scene of a weapons incident around 9 a.m.

Police say a man with an undisclosed weapon was seen in the area of a sports field near Micmac Boulevard and Woodland Avenue.

According to police, the man was shot by multiple officers when he confronted them with the weapon.

The man was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The scene remained largely cordoned-off for much of the day.

The province’s Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT) is leading the investigation.

“Like any investigation that we do, it’s a serious incident, so it will take some time,” said SiRT director Alonzo Wright.

The area is busy and frequented by residents, including children.

Iago Gomes and his group of friends use the sports field on Saturday mornings, but this time, they were told by officers to move off the field immediately.

“It was a regular Saturday for us, came here, and we were getting ready to start playing and then we heard a bunch of cars coming up, cops showing, and then one of them told us to leave the middle of the field.”

After moving from the field and sitting on a bench adjacent to it, Gomes said the group heard a loud noise. “Some of the guys said it’s a gunshot but we were not sure at the time.”

All of it has been highly upsetting to people live and work in the area.

Diane Howard lives right across from the sports field. She normally leaves her doors unlocked in the day, however, she said after today she will be locking her doors.

“It’s very close to home and it’s very unusual that it would happen.”

CTV News Public Safety Analyst, Chris Lewis, a former commissioner of the OPP said officers are trained to deescalate incidents like these, however, if a suspect draws a weapon, officers may not have a choice.

“[A] section of the Criminal Code allows the police to use deadly force. They have to fear for their own life or grievous bodily harm or that of another. So if the police is afraid they’re going to be shot or someone else is going to be shot,” he explained.

According to Lewis, in the last 10 months, 10 officers have been murdered in Canada. He said as crime increases, police are not going to take a chance when it comes to their personal safety.

While Wright did not provide information as to how long the investigation will take, Lewis said forensic analysis is unpredictable and could take months before answers are found.

Micmac Boulevard between Woodland Avenue and Horizon Court is closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic until the investigation is complete. Top Stories


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