A new group in Halifax is getting ready to celebrate International Childfree Day Friday night.

The group ‘We’re Not Kidding’ was formed over a common bond, the choice to be childfree.

“We started talking about it, you know, ‘there’s got to be more people in Halifax that are like us, that are childfree by choice,’” says group member Cheryl Young.

They were right. The first meeting was a success and the group continues to grow.

Members of the group want to be clear, they do not have a problem with children or parents. However, they wanted to create a group where people who are childfree could come together and meet others who are likeminded.

“Every now and then, not to be awful, it’s nice to have an adult conversation about just adult things and not what little Johnny’s into or what he’s doing in school,” says group member Stephen Young.

The Youngs say most of their friends and family are supportive, some even envious.

“They look and feel that we have a little bit more freedom and more flexibility in what we can do, which is true to some extent,” says Cheryl.

Dr. Liesl Gambold, assistant professor of sociology and social anthropology, says over the past 20 years, more people have been choosing to be childfree.

“The latest research shows that childless couples rank higher on a happiness scale than couples with children,” says Gambold.

Despite that, Gambold says she does not believe being childfree will become the norm.

“If the economy gets stronger, then people will see that they’re not risking, perhaps, job security, or financial security, in order to have children,” says Gambold.

Whether it becomes more common or not, the Youngs say they are happy with their choice.

With files from CTV's Priya Sam.