Cia Tweel is in her element when she’s leading a yoga class.

“It’s what gives me my joy, it’s what gives me my energy and my happiness,” says Cia.

Cia has been running a fitness business since 1992, and chances are, if you’ve attended a charity walk in the Halifax region, you’ve seen her in action.

Her high-energy warmups have been a mainstay at the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life for years.

Cia’s connection to the Canadian Cancer Society is personal. Her father-in-law died of the disease just days after she and her husband were married. The pair wanted to find their own way of raising awareness about the disease.

“We started donating fitness warmups, and yoga and Zumba to the Relay For Life,” says Cia.

She’s also donated her time to the ALS Society, The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and The Terry Fox Foundation, among others.

“One of the things about the Terry Fox Foundation is that every single one of our events across the province and across Canada is volunteer run,” says Barbara Fickes, of the Terry Fox Foundation. “So, anyone that comes and volunteers a service like that is very valuable to us.”

Cia’s friends and family says she never seems to slow down.

Cia works full time, and teaches fitness, yoga, and dance classes during her lunch breaks and in the evenings.

“I often get the comment, ‘how are you so positive?’ I teach fitness every day. I work out on my own every day.” says Cia. “It literally makes me happy. It makes me happy to make other people happy to move.”

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