MONCTON -- While many Maritimers are heading home for the holidays, not everyone has a home to head to.

This is a busy time of year for shelters, which often extend their hours to keep everyone out of the cold.

That is a feeling that Carl Chedrick knows all too well.

“It can get really lonely at times, not knowing where to lay your head or get your next meal,” says Carl Chedrick.

Chedrick will be spending Christmas at Moncton’s newest shelter along with dozens of others.

The building on Albert St. opened its doors earlier this month, just in time for the holidays.

“Just knowing somebody is not outside in the cold and alone with nobody, and living in the dark,” says Jean Dube, House of Nazareth Executive Director.

The Albert Street Shelter will hold around 120 beds. Both dry and damp rooms will be featured inside for those who are sober and intoxicated. Wrap-around services will help with mental health issues.

Many in the Hub City are without a family to go home to this year.

“There’s some people, because of the addiction problems, they just can’t go home,” says Jamie Mills, Operations Director of Harvest House Atlantic.

Shelter doors are wide open for those who have nowhere to lay their heads this Christmas.

“We’re going to be serving a large breakfast and a beautiful dinner, so everybody does have a place to stay and come and get warm,” says Mills.

On Christmas morning with temperatures expected below zero, Chedrick says he couldn’t be more thankful to be off the streets.

“It feels amazing, it feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders,” says Chedrick.

A bittersweet time of year for many, and a community rallying together to make sure everyone has a place to call home.