HALIFAX -- A man in Moncton thought he may need to uproot his new vegetable garden, after a complaint was made with the city saying the garden contravened with Moncton’s zoning bylaws.

“Our goal was to meet the neighbours, meet the community and maybe inspire the community to do something similar,” said urban Gardner Sylvain Ward.

“Our dream is that the street would be filled with vegetables, everywhere, so people would be able to exchange or help themselves.”

Ward and his son started building his garden boxes in early May.

The complaint, made on June 1, stated his garden breaks the zoning bylaws because the garden is in the front yard, and not the back.

Aside from the complaint, Ward says the support from his community has been overwhelming.

“It’s just gorgeous, it’s beautiful, nice garden. It decorated the front yard and it’s a nice addition,” said neighbour to Ward, Jacques Allard.

Allard says he likes the garden so much he plans to create a garden of his own.

“Nothing too complicated. Just a nice box, grow some vegetables where we have full sun,” said Allard. “We could probably come here and share our crop.”

Moncton city officials initially said the garden had to be removed, but after further discussion they have reconsidered.

According to Ward, the city says they’re going to update the existing bylaw to make his garden legal.

“They wanted to collaborate because it’s part of their goal to encourage urban agriculture and food security,” said Ward.