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It’s a snap: Halifax Lego artist gains international attention


Zackary Steinman, like many people, played with Lego as a child in the 1970s. He later sold his sets, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, he decided to return to his roots, but this time he decided to not follow the instructions.

“I bought a set, tore it apart and built something else,” he said. ““I’m part owner of a bike shop in Halifax but on the side as a hobby — it’s actually become a little bit more of an obsession — I do Lego art.”

Steinman has created a bevy of original Lego masterpieces, taken inspiration from patterns in the world and online sources.

His work has caught the eye of international Lego art fans, which allowed his work to expand beyond Canada.

“Last February I got an email supposedly from Lego saying I was chosen to exhibit my art in Denmark, the home of Lego,” Steinman said. “I thought it was a joke but it turns out it wasn’t a joke. I was one of two Canadians to be chosen.

“I didn’t know this opportunity existed, but it’s like a dream come true. It’s been a rollercoaster ride ever since.”

A Halifax artist received international attention for his Lego creations. (Source: Facebook/Zachary Steinman)Steinman said one of the biggest compliment he receives is when people say his work isn’t made out of Lego.

“I was at some shows and people believed they were 3D printed objects and sometimes I have to partially disassemble them to prove it is Lego,” he said. “I love there are rules to follow as far as the way Lego works, but it’s about finding creative ways of doing it.

“You can almost do anything with Lego.”

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