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Rain, fog, risk of downpours continues into Friday night


More wet weather is coming for the Maritimes heading into the start of the weekend.

Risk of downpours

A second round of rain moves into the Maritimes Friday afternoon and evening. This next round of rain contains some embedded downpours and small thunderstorms. It arrives in western New Brunswick and western Nova Scotia between 2 and 4 p.m. Friday. It reaches eastern New Brunswick, eastern Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island 4 to 6 p.m. The rain continues into the evening.

The round of rain clears New Brunswick and western Nova Scotia by midnight, Friday into Saturday. The rain clears Prince Edward Island overnight. The rain lingers into Saturday morning for Cape Breton.

Behind the rain, further patchy showers and drizzle are expected for the Maritimes on Saturday.

A second round of rain arrives into the region Friday afternoon and evening. The yellows indicating that it may contain downpours or small thunderstorms.

Rain warnings and totals

A general 10-to-40 mm rainfall for the region makes it a pretty typical April rain. Pockets of higher rain totals are still possible in a few areas. Locally the rain amounts could reach 40-to-80 mm in the southwestern corner of New Brunswick as well as Atlantic coastal Nova Scotia and Cape Breton.

Rainfall warnings continue for the Atlantic coastal counties of mainland Nova Scotia. Environment Canada is cautioning downpours could produce periods of reduced visibility on the roads.

Pockets of higher rain totals possible in southwestern New Brunswick and parts of Nova Scotia.


A southerly wind continues to increase in strength for the Maritimes into Friday night. Peak gusts reaching 50-to-80 km/h. A few areas will be susceptible to even stronger winds, including coastal areas of Charlotte County in New Brunswick, which is under a wind warning cautioning that gusts could reach 90 km/h. A wind warning also continues for northern Inverness County, Cape Breton, where peak gusts could reach 110 km/h Friday and Saturday.

A gusty southerly wind accompanies the rain. Coastal southwestern New Brunswick and northern Inverness County, Cape Breton under wind warnings by Environment Canada. Top Stories

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