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N.S. farm provides therapy for those living with mental health challenges


Ataraxy Farm in Lawrencetown, N.S., was first started in 2013 as a therapy farm to help co-owner Blair Davis with his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from his military service in Bosnia.

“With his PTSD a lot of doctors and phycologist said exercise is really good, getting outdoors is really good. We already owned two horses for our kids, so we decided to start a farm,” said co-owner Kim Davis in an interview with CTV’s Crystal Garrett on Tuesday.

In 2021, the family opened their doors to the public, helping many through animal therapy with their horses, donkeys, mule, goats, and chickens.

“We have goat yoga during the summer months and you get all the animals interacting with you, all of the goats, not just the babies,” said Kim. “It’s more of a beginner class that you’re going to get in tune with your breathing.”

When they first opened the farm to the public, Kim said they still didn’t have a name for the farm.

“I found that there are so many farms out there named serenity, tranquility, so we needed something different. So I went through the thesaurus and found ataraxy. Ataraxy means a state of serene calmness,” said Kim.

The farm also sells skin care and hair care products from goat milk. The sales from the products go back into the farm and caring for the animals.

The sales also allow the family to keep offering farm tours for free. Kim said they also offer volunteering for people who want to help out on the farm.

“We also offer volunteering, so if you want more time with the animals and you want to help out with the farm, you can come out and volunteer,” she said.

Farm tours can be booked on the farm’s website.

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