A Nova Scotia man is upset about the garbage collection in his area.

Ivan Dahl says his municipality is being overzealous when it comes to what they’ll accept in the trash.

However, the people who pick up  the garbage  say they’re just doing their job.

Five weeks of garbage bags have  accumulated outside  Dahl’s home in Lunenburg County.

About a month ago his garbage wasn't picked up; instead someone had opened the bag and placed a rejection sticker on top.

“When I went through it I found a piece of paper, some tissue and I’m still looking for the paper towel they said was in there,” explains Dahl.

Dahl didn't realize that tissue and paper products go in the compost, so he re-sorted his garbage and put it out again two weeks later.

“The problem I have is after I fixed it, they rejected the same bag the next week,” says Dahl.

Dahl has a condition known as chronic emphatic leukemia .He says he shouldn’t be digging through garbage. He also feels those who deal with waste management in the municipality of Lunenburg are being overzealous when it comes to picking up his waste.

“If they're going to reject every little thing they're creating a big problem,” says Dahl. “People are going to go to illegal dumping sites.”

The Lunenburg Regional Community Recycling Centre says staff is just doing its  job.

“Our program is designed to look at the offenders where there's no sign of sorting practice happening at that residence,” says Jim Annand, operations manager at the town’s community recycling centre.

Annand says he’s sent out educational material about curb side collection to Dahl's landlord.

He says he's open to discussing the matter with him in person.

Dahl says he has reached out to the municipality but he's still not satisfied.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Alyse Hand