HALIFAX -- A 102-year-old Nova Scotia woman continues to brighten spirits and spread joy wherever she goes -- which is appropriate considering her name.

Even on a grey and gloomy December day, Lunenburg, N.S., centenarian Joy Saunders continues to keep a positive attitude on life.

“Oh for 102 I’m not bad,” quips Joy. “I do the best I can.”

Earlier this year, Joy Saunders made headlines when she walked 102 laps around her neighbourhood to mark her 102nd birthday, and raise over $75,000 for the Victorian Order of Nurses, a group she once worked for.

“I still had my legs, they still worked, so I did it,” laughs Saunders. “I’m glad I did something good at the end of my life.”

Born during the First World War, Joy has lived through both World Wars, the Great Depression and global pandemics.

While she isn’t about to let the number of decades under her belt define her, she says if we are to live well, we must care for one another, especially during difficult days.

"I went through the Great Depression and the Second World War, so you know … I know something about it,” says Saunders. “Life isn’t a free ride, you have to cope with a lot of things, but then it’s pretty good isn’t it?”

Having celebrated more than a century of Christmases, Joy also shares some advice on making the best of the holiday season, even during a global pandemic.

“The greatest tradition is to want to be together, but there will be Christmas again next year. Probably not for me, but that’s alright. I’ve had 102 Christmases and that’s enough for anyone!” she laughs.

In the spirit of the season, Joy says the greatest gift is the support she’s received from others.

“I don’t really feel I’ve deserved it, but I did it so, thank you, thank you all!” she says.

An ode to Joy, for keeping spirits merry and bright during a time when it is greatly needed.