They're very late for school -- in a way -- but no one is too worried in the town of Oxford.

The Oxford Regional Education Centre Opens today, two months after its students began being bussed to another school, 26 kilometres away.

The P-12 school, with just over 400 students, had problems with cinder walls and masonry that were identified in August.

At a public meeting in September, school officials promised the Oxford school would reopen the first week in November.

“Many many hands take credit for the fact that we're in on schedule,” said Gary Adams, executive director of the Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education.

Structural concerns along the top of some walls, especially in the gym, resulted in six rows of blocks being pulled down.

In some places, it's difficult to see where the work was done.

“It was an ambitious timeline, but we were determined and everybody was determined to get the students and staff of Oxford back in their school as soon as possible and thankfully, because we had relocated, we were able to meet that timeline,” Adams said.

Teachers have been spending the last few days, getting things back to normal.

Parents are excited about the first day of school.

“The school was not as bad as they originally thought, so it's great,” said parent Stephanie Rushton.

Local MLA Tory Rushton has children at the school, and questions about what happened.

“How did a brand new building that's only seven or eight years old, get approved with these issues that the engineers said that are in the study?” Rushton said.

Adams expects there will be legal discussions about the damage.

“Those questions, I do anticipate, will get answers,” Adams said. “But that wasn't our primary concern.”

Many parents have said one of their biggest concerns was having their children on long bus rides, during the winter. That problem now has been averted.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Dan MacIntosh.