Students and staff at the Oxford Regional Education Centre should be able to return to their school the first week of November.

Concerns were raised about the state of the school in Oxford, N.S. after a maintenance check in August revealed masonry problems.

Since the school year started, 400 students in grades Primary to 12 have been bussed from Oxford to schools in Pugwash, N.S.

An engineering report released Monday confirmed problems with cinder walls and masonry at the eight-year-old school.

More than 200 people attended a special meeting to discuss the status of the Oxford Regional Education Centre Monday evening.

“We’re happy we’re going to be able to bring staff and students back in the first week of November,” school official Gary Brown told parents at Monday’s meeting. “We’re pleased that we’re going to have confidence that they’re going back into a safe school. They can continue to feel very good and proud of that school.”

“I am going to be very happy if my children are back at OREC at the first of November, but like I have said, when I see it, I’ll believe it, but we’ll be optimistic,” said parent Heather Jacklin.

School officials told parents that repair work is set to begin immediately, and that repairs will be finished quickly with students and staff out of the building.