FREDERICTON -- A library card will soon grant you access to more than just books at the Fredericton Public Library in Fredericton, N.B.

"You're going to be seeing soon, these skateboards, which you can borrow just like a book," said Julia Stewart, the director of the Fredericton Public Library.

In order to rent a board, Stewart says you simply need to display your library card upon arrival.

"Go up to the skateboard display, see which one you'd like, grab your helmet, grab your pads, and check them out at the circulation desk," explained Stewart.

This isn't the library’s first time loaning out equipment for people to try out new hobbies. In the past, the library has also loaned out musical instruments, snowshoes and more.

"We develop skill kits that help people learn new skills. We kind of like the idea of trying before you buy, so you can give it a good test, see if it's a thing you're really into, and then maybe you go out and purchase your own," said Stewart.

With a new all-wheel sports plaza just next door to the library, skateboarders say it was a natural fit.

"This is going to make the barrier of entry much lower," said Rodney Mann, a skateboarder. "Skateboarding already has a pretty low barrier of entry, lower than hockey or something. Even though that's the case, there are still socioeconomic things that keep that away from some people."

The library is also planning to hold a workshop with Skate-It-Forward Fredericton – an organization that refurbishes old skateboards and gives them to children in the area at no cost.

Skate-It-Forward Fredericton

"To teach people how to maintain their boards, maybe learn how to tighten the wheels and just make sure they stay in good working order, so he's going to be going that," said Stewart.

Skateboards and equipment will be ready to check-out of the Fredericton Public Library on June 1.