There were plenty of people at the Lancaster Baptist Church in Saint John on Saturday dropping off household items for Syrian refugees in need.

"It's good to see that people are still bringing in stuff because we still have the need," said Rev. Wayne Murphy.

Since January, Murphy’s church has been the designated item drop-off centre for resettling Syrian refugees.

"As of Monday, we'll have had 74 families been through here," said Murphy.

Lancaster Baptist set out to collect donations until the end of February, but with Syrian refugees still arriving, they are still collecting donations.

“We'll just keep going until they tell us there's no more families arriving, and then we'll be done," said Murphy.

Murphy says there was some concern with donor fatigue, but so far the community is continuing to step up.

"There's still people arriving, just recently, so the need’s still there," said donator Jim Dobbin.

“It's a great thing to do because people have lost all kinds of stuff, they're coming here without, with just a bag under their arms so they can use any of the old stuff that we don't really need anymore," said donator John Lockett.

Around 350 Syrians are in the Saint John area, including one man who is now helping out at collection centre.

"He's been in pretty well every Saturday since they've arrived,” said Murphy. “He comes in and helps lift and lug and push and pull and do all that – gives him a chance to get out and meet some people, so it's been fun."

Murphy says every Saturday is now set aside to continue collecting donations as long volunteers and the refugees continue coming.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ashley Blackford.