HALIFAX -- Snow and freezing rain caused a number of issues across Nova Scotia today, including high winds and blowing snow creating poor visibility on many of the province’s highways.

Conditions also caused the Digby to Saint John ferry service to be cancelled and wind warning and restrictions for Prince Edward Island’s Confederation Bridge.

At the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, more flights were cancelled and delayed than there were on time.

“Our flight was cancelled, but we got in early enough to pick up another one, which will take us to Orland instead of Fort Myers, but we’ll fly down there and rent a car,” said passenger Warren O’Leary.

In Halifax, parking enforcement was increased to ensure that street were properly cleared and the overnight parking ban will be enforced from 1 a.m. until 6 a.m. overnight.

Several Halifax Transit buses were running on a snow plan, as crews continued to work to clear secondary streets.

By late afternoon the snow had turned to freezing rain causing a wet commute. But while winter conditions like these cause problems for everyone, they can be extremely dangerous for those with nowhere to go.

“Day are long, nights are long, you don’t know where you can stay, you aren’t really guaranteed a bed anywhere,” said David Logan.

Various warming centers were set up, including one in the basement of Saint Matthew’s church – but they were in high demand.

“Usually we have around 15-20 folks filter through here every day, but some days it can be a lot more, depends on a lot of factors. I think because it’s Sunday, not a lot of things are open today, so that means there’s not a lot of other places to go if they don’t have a place to live,” said Eric Jonsson, from the Extreme Weather Warming Centre.

Jonsson says on cold and wet days, it’s extra important that everyone has a place to find shelter.

“Anybody who is experiencing homelessness, they have nowhere else to go during the daytime, so places like this just prevents people from having to be outside in the weather like it is today. And it prevents them from a number of negative health outcomes,” said Jonsson.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Allan April