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Swole Bears: N.S. teen launches high-protein gummy business


A Nova Scotia teenager has come up with a sweet idea – a high-protein gummy bear business.

Rory Fox of Lower Sackville, N.S., launched Swole Bears almost a year ago thanks to his interest in fitness.

“Basically, they’re protein gummy bears that are low-calorie, high-protein, they’re sweetened with honey,” he says. “A whole pack has 170 calories, 25 grams of protein.”

The 15-year-old says he decided to use honey instead of glucose in his products because it is a more natural replacement.

“Honey can be a good fuel for a workout as it has some quick and easy carbs. Overall, a lot healthier than glucose, because glucose can cause a lot of health problems,” he says.

“Swole” is an informal term for muscular, and is a play on the word “swollen.”

“Some people say (it) after they get a work out, like they get a pump, or like they get swole,” Rory says.

And now fellow fitness enthusiasts are using them to get “swole” themselves.

“Everyone’s really liked them,” Rory says. “Haven’t really had anything negative, really good feedback overall.”

Rory has hosted meet and greets at local gyms, allowing people to taste test and purchase his handmade gummies.

“It’s really good. The flavour is really flavorful. The consistency is really good,” said Fitness FX member Christina Kim. “He’s done a really good job as someone super young starting a business.”

Rory’s mother says she and Rory’s father were “a bit concerned” when he first started Swole Bears, wondering if it could go anywhere.

“And he said, ‘Mom, I’m not afraid to fail. I just really want to try.’ It’s been impressive that he’s put the effort in and been thoughtful about all the steps along the way,” Tricia Fox says.

Tricia says the community as a whole has been supportive of Rory’s venture.

“His gym community, his school community, family and friends have really rallied around and helped him to move this to the next level. It’s exciting to see him grow,” she says. “He’s the youngest of six children, so he’s only been inspired by who’s gone before him, and it’s been lovely to watch.”

Rory says his goal is to expand his gummy business as much as he can.

“Try and get more people to know about them and be able to use this as a good tool for working out and having something that’s healthy, but can also meet your macros at the end of the day.”

More information on Swole Bears can be found on their Instagram page.

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