Here is a transcription of the 911 call presented as evidence at Nicholas Butcher's second-degree murder trial. The call was recorded on March 26, 2016, the same morning Kristin Johnston was found dead. The quotes in bold are those of Nicholas Butcher.

911 what is your emergency?

I need help.

OK and what’s going on there?

I killed my girlfriend and I tried to kill myself. I cut off my hand. I think I’m dying.

And where are you at?


73 Oceanview?

17 …  indiscernible …  I need help.

OK and you’re saying 73 Oceanview?

No, one-seven. Help. I’m dying.

OK I can’t hear the number that you’re telling me. What –

17. One-seven.

One-seven? OK.

Yeah. I’m dying.

OK, so 17 Oceanview Drive in Halifax, Halifax County?


And your phone number 902-430-4135?


OK just stay on the line I’m going to bring you right over to ambulance.

… (call handover)

Copy, thank you 911. OK tell me exactly what happened.

I killed my girlfriend and I tried to kill myself. I cut off my hand and I’m dying.

OK, sorry, can you say that again?

I need help, I’m dying.

OK just slow your breathing down, OK?

I can’t, I’m dying. I cut off my hand.

OK. The paramedics are on their way, OK?

I’m dying. I killed my girlfriend.

OK, listen, listen, the paramedics are on the way, OK. What’s your name?

I’m dying.

What is it?

I’m dying, I’m dying.

Listen, we’re coming to help you, OK, but I need you to calm down.

I can’t I’m bleeding to death. I cut off my hand.

You cut off your hand, I know, I hear what you’re saying.

I killed my girlfriend, she’s dead.

Your girlfriend is dead?

I killed her. I killed her and I tried to kill myself.

OK. What’s your name, sir?

I’m dying.

Sir, can you tell me your name so I can talk to you?

How old are you?