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Truro woman struggles with brewing giant over contest prize


Cindy Miller did not expect to win a prize when she picked up a case of beer from a small town liquor store, but the little sign reading ‘you could win a contest’ caught her eye.

Then on Aug. 9, an email appeared in Miller’s inbox informing her she was the contest winner.

Called a “Unique Wilderness Contest,” winners of the prize get a three-night trip to a resort with three friends, valued at $8,500.

Miller quickly signed and emailed waivers to claim her prize. She then waited for an update on the trip.

“Everybody’s messaging me, like, “When are you going? Where are you going?’ I said, ‘When I hear, you’ll hear.’”

Weeks turned to months. Miller’s frustrations grew, along with the email chains from different Molson representatives.

“They did say the travel consultant will be in touch with me but no one’s ever gotten in touch with me. I have no idea what I actually won or when I’m going,” she said.

Miller said that she is among three winners in Canada. None have been announced on the Molson website. Miller said she is frustrated.

“I bought that product that day because of this ad. I enjoy a light beer and thought I should try it, and I might win the contest,” said Miller.

CTV News reached out to Molson Brewery for comment. The response, received days later, indicated a travel agent will be reaching out to Miller “next week.”

As for Miller, she’ll believe it when it happens. Top Stories

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