There are two more suspected cases of measles in the Saint John area – including one at a community college.

Two other cases are already confirmed, but the two latest cases won’t be confirmed until lab tests come back next week.

Concern that seems to be spreading along with the virus.

“I don't have very many details other to say that they had not developed a rash, they were aware of the symptoms that could happen before the rash and so they did obviously notify someone with the health care system,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, New Brunswick’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Russell was speaking of another case, not the one reported at the community college.

Superintendent Zoe Watson says the vaccination clinic has opened at Kennebecasis Valley High School, the site of the second confirmed measles case.

Public health staff have gone through students' health records and, as of Thursday morning, about 100 people received vaccinations. Some school staff have also been vaccinated.

“Public health have a staff of about 15 inside the building today and they're offering those vaccinations and some people are coming with their paperwork and they're not certain if everything's up to date so we have the nurses here who are able to confirm that,” Watson said.

Students are not the only ones with concerns. Clinic physician Dr. Ian Grant says for his patients this week, measles is top of mind.

“Our telephones have been ringing off the hook,” Grant said. “The secretaries and the nursing staff have been hopping and have lots of questions for me to answer.”

Vaccinations have been picking up over the last few days, too.

“The supply is not an issue right now,” Grant said. “We're well supplied in this office and ready to take care of anyone who needs a vaccination.”

The New Brunswick Department of Health told CTV News that 87 per cent of children entering kindergarten had had their measles mumps rubella vaccine.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Laura Lyall.