An unflattering definition of a Nova Scotia University has been pulled from a popular online dictionary.

Acadia was being defined as a university full of drunks, and although Urban Dictionary is known for its slang words and phrases, experts say it isn’t good publicity for the school.

“They have to be really actively seeking out those events and try to limit the damage to their brands,” says Anatoliy Gruzd, a social media lab director at Dalhousie University.

Before it was taken down, the definition said Acadia was:

Infamous for being full of drunk frosh that end up in ambulances, drunk upper years that destroy buildings, drunk townies that show up at the student bars, drunken parties full of drunk high school teens…

Student Chelsea Cox says there is more to the university than drinking and parties.

“It’s right, but there’s a lot of drunk messages in here, and that’s not what Acadia really is. It’s not just a drinking school,” says Cox.

While the Urban Dictionary may not carry as much weight as other dictionaries, it is available to Internet users. Gruzd says the incident shows the dark side of the web.

“Those people will want to take advantage of this democratized communication environment, where they will post inappropriate comments.”

Officials from both Acadia University and Urban Dictionary refused to comment on the matter.

The definition was pulled from the website Thursday afternoon.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Felicia Yap