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'Waterfall season' campaign returns to Cape Breton

The Maritimes are home to hundreds of waterfalls and that’s why Destination Cape Breton is bringing back its popular “Waterfall Season” campaign.

“I'll be hiking to Gairloch Falls and I always say it makes me feel like I travelled in time. I feel like I’ve been transported to Scotland. There's something magical about each one,” said Ashley George, photographer.

George, who is from Glace Bay, N.S., spends a lot of her time exploring Cape Breton and posting pictures online.

She will be one of more than a dozen social media influencers and local ambassadors photographing their journey as they search for waterfalls in Cape Breton over the long weekend.

“We have waterfall hikes that range from easy and accessible that you can drive up to, and others that are 10 kilometres long with river passings, ropes, and everything,” said George.

Again this year, waterfall lovers can take part in a waterfall season contest. By visiting three or more of our featured waterfalls, participants could win an amazing Cape Breton adventure weekend for two. To enter, participants will need to download the Waterfall Season App in the Apple app store and coming soon to the Google Play store.

“Last year was our inaugural waterfall season. It was really more of a pilot project to see what the response would be, but visitation to our waterfall content increased tenfold,” said Terry Smith, Destination Cape Breton CEO.

Smith says this time of year is when waterfalls are at their most magnificent because spring run-off ensures that rivers and streams are in full flow.

“It’s just one of those things naturally occurring in nature that is just spectacular. There's power to it, there's also a peaceful kind of serenity to it as well. It’s something people love to experience when they come to Cape Breton Island,” said Smith.

The Waterfall Season campaign runs from May 15 to June 30, all of it aimed at attracting more visitors to the Cape Breton region.

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