It’s shaping up to really be a “weedless Wednesday” in much of New Brunswick.  

More than half of the province's Cannabis NB locations are closed because they've run out of product. Some see it as growing pains, while others consider it poor planning.

A lot of would-be customers tried the doors Tuesday and left disappointed.

“It just opened and yea, it's closed down already,” said customer Penny Gallery. “They should have been more prepared I guess.”

Another customer, Justin MacLean, is surprised Cannabis NB didn’t think this far ahead.

“You'd think as a government corporation they would have put a little more thought into the opening  month,” he said.

Both cannabis NB outlets in Saint John were closed Tuesday. Shops were also closed in the Moncton and Fredericton areas, and in northern New Brunswick.   In a statement, Marie-Andree Bolduc of Cannabis NB says:

“Unfortunately, due to unexpected last minute supply, logistical and other issues encountered by the licensed producers, Cannabis NB only received approximately 20 to 30 per cent of its shipment originally ordered for the Oct. 17 launch date.”

In recent days, shortages have developed across the country in a variety of cannabis products and, so far, there's been no firm indication when supply is going to meet demand.

One of the big suppliers says some of the industry is having trouble meeting expectations.

“There's very few large producers and especially smaller producers that have been able to deliver on their commitments to this point,” says Ray Gracewood or Organigram Inc. “Although we're proud to say we have over-delivered on our commitment to New Brunswick at this point, we think it's going to take time for most of the other producers to get to that point.”

In the days to come, Cannabis NB will face questions about its business model from the incoming premier.

“When I look at our model, it is one of the most expensive models in the country,” said premier-designate Blaine Higgs.

Some users say no one should have been surprised by the demand.

“They don't realize how many people have been buying under the table when it was illegal,” said customer Keith Short. “So the government, if they keep the place stocked, they will make millions.”

Another customer, Greg Wright, said he was making his first trip to a Cannabis NB outlet because he wanted to see what it was like.

“They're out of inventory,” he said. “Just my luck.”

This week, a lot of cannabis customers are having similar luck.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Mike Cameron.