The future of one of Nova Scotia’s last remaining drive-in theatres is up in the air.

The Cape Breton Drive-In opened in 1975 and for 38 years moviegoers have been able to watch the latest films under the stars.

However, the island’s only drive-in wasn't open for business last year, and there is uncertainty over whether it will ever reopen.

Co-owner Angelo Sifnakis says every effort is being made to have the drive-in back up and running this spring.

“I expect to try to have the drive-in open, let's say the last weekend of May, or first weekend in June,” says Sifnakis.

The drive-in's closure last year was blamed mostly on changes in film technology.

Movie studios are phasing out the old 35 millimetre film prints in favour of digital technology.

“Because we've been shut down for a year, we're going to have to do some repairs, which would cost anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000,” says Sifnakis. “New digital equipment could cost as much as $120,000.”

Sifnakis says help from the community is essential in order to cover the costs.

Rick MacKeigan has offered up free labour from his painting company to help take care of some of the fix-ups needed at the drive-in.

“Their canteen needs a little bit of work up there,” says MacKeigan. “Of course, the posts you drive up to and hang your speakers on could use a little bit of updating.”

Outdoor movie lovers say they are remaining optimistic about the future of the Cape Breton Drive-In.

“It would be really unfortunate for it not to open,” says Anita Hussey. “There's nothing like sitting out in your vehicle and watching a movie. There's something different about it.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Ryan MacDonald