DARTMOUTH -- A Halifax-area woman has life-threatening injuries after a bus hit her in Dartmouth on Friday night just before 7:25.

Halifax police say the 52-year-old woman was crossing Portland Street in a marked crosswalk when she was struck by a Halifax Transit bus. She was transported to hospital by EHS.

Police had a portion of the street blocked off through the evening while they investigated. That investigation included a forensic team.

But this isn’t the first time someone has been injured in the same crosswalk, and local residents say it’s a known danger in the area.

Terry Chaulk lost her daughter, 16-year-old Mary-Beth in 2006 when she was struck by a car in the same cross walk. After the incident, Chaulk and others campaigned for crosswalk safety, petitioning for more lighting and flags.

But at the time, Chaulk says officials told her 11 to 14 pedestrian deaths happen in Nova Scotia each year, and it was just a fact of life.

“It’s disappointing, it’s upsetting, it’s frustrating, and I often wonder if they would feel the same way about the numbers and the safety if it was their family member or friend,” said Chaulk.

Around the corner, Roger Robichaud can see the crosswalk from his front door, but more often than not – he says he hears trouble before he sees it.

“I’ve sat here and heart the tires squeal and the big bumps of the cars a few times,” said Robichaud.

Robichaud saw the accident on Friday night, and recorded some of the aftermath on his phone. He says the intersection is well known in the neighbourhood as dangerous.

He says he’s even had some close calls himself.

“I flash the lights, I have the flag in my hand, I’m crossing the street and one car will still zoom by, looking straight ahead, not even paying attention to anybody in the crosswalk,” he said.

Rain was falling heavily last night, but police can’t confirm whether or not that was a factor.

The woman remains in hospital and her condition has not changed, but police said early today that charges are now pending under the Motor Vehicle Act.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Emily Baron Cadloff