Global positioning systems have become a popular feature in cars and trucks, but one Halifax truck driver says his GPS led him off course early Friday.

His 53-foot tractor-trailer slammed into the subway bridge span on Moncton's Main Street around 5:30 a.m. Friday and the top of the trailer became wedged underneath.

The incident caused traffic delays in downtown Moncton, as both the east and westbound lanes were blocked, and it took the good part of the day to clear up the scene.

RCMP say there are two warning signs on the street, leading up the subway bridge, but it appears the truck driver's mis­programmed GPS led him astray.

"The signage is always there," says Codiac RCMP Const. Pierre Parenteau. "I think it is adequate. In this particular case it appears the driver was going by his GPS."

The driver, who declined to give his name, told CTV News he didn't notice the warning signs and his GPS was on car mode, and not on truck mode.

A CN spokesperson says they inspect bridges within an hour of accidents, such as the one that occurred this morning, and they will stop rail traffic if needed.

The bridge is part of the main line between Halifax and Quebec but there was no need to stop rail traffic today.

"It's hard to believe, with all the signs that are there, people not paying attention," says Shediac resident Ken Judson. "I think it is nearly always trucks that aren't from around here, isn't it, that get caught under that."

"This is the first time to be honest," says Moncton resident Hannah Jones. "I have never heard of it ever happening before this."

Police say accidents like this one happen about once a year, but Parenteau says that is once a year too many.

With files from CTV Atlantic's David Bell