Hi there!!

Last night one of my dreams came true… I had the opportunity to interview a couple of the members of The Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter & Kevin Richardson!

First off … my 12 year old self was freaking out when they first arrived and said hello… good thing my 28 year old self was able to stay calm, lol!

I had the best time chatting with them … they were so cool. I mean they’re global superstars, but from the 20 minutes I had with them, they just seemed down to earth.

Nick and Kevin made a dream of mine come true! During our chat I admitted that when I was much younger, I dreamt about being their 6th member and since that never happened, I asked to sing a snippet of one of my favourite songs of theirs with them and if they could join in with me… well they did!!

I’m still smiling from ear to ear; it’s a moment I’ll never forget… and it’s all on video, woot, haha!

Here’s a photo I took with Nick and Kevin after our chat before they headed out on stage to perform!


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