SYDNEY, N.S. -- A song created as a class project by music students in Cape Breton carries a message of hope during these uncertain times.

With local radio play and a new music video, there's hope it will become a pandemic anthem.

The tune, called 'We'll Be Together Again,' is self-explanatory during these current lockdown restrictions in Nova Scotia.

"It's a feel-good song that's meant to inspire hope for people," says Nik MacDonald, a music arts student at the Nova Scotia Community College's Marconi campus.

The song was written and the music video shot earlier in the pandemic. Now, it's being released during this latest lockdown, at a time when people could use the musical lift more than the students anticipated when they started the class project.

Kimberley Fraser is one of the program's instructors. She says the fact her students created this finished product, in the middle of a pandemic, when established musicians can't perform like they normally do, is impressive.

"It's approaching a thousand views on YouTube at the moment," says Fraser. "It's being shared quite a bit on social media."

"I honestly get emotional when I listen to it and I'm just so proud of what the students have been able to accomplish, in their first year here."

Marconi campus principal Fred Tilley says the song is already a feather in the cap for the school. He thinks it has potential to be a 'COVID anthem', of sorts, in the province and beyond.

"To be on radio, to have an official video - I think it's just amazing," says Tilley.

"I know my social media has been blowing up. People are sharing, listening, talking about how catchy the tune is. People are amazed."

The students say not only do the lyrics strike the right note, but the song is catchy.

"I think it's something you could be whistling while you're cooking supper or find yourself humming in your car," says Steve MacIntyre, who plays guitar and sings backup vocals on the song. "Just to give you a few seconds of reprieve."

The class is planning an online music festival for later this month and some other students are working on a single of their own.

For now, their hope for the song is simple.

"If our song can make your day a little brighter these days, then I think we've done a decent job," says MacDonald.