Halifax’s largest cab company is doing its part to improve passenger safety following the high-profile acquittal of a taxi driver on sex-related charges.

Bassam Al-Rawi was found not guilty on March 1 of sexually assaulting an intoxicated female passenger in May 2015. The verdict made headlines across the country and some comments by the judge sparked protests.

The Crown has announced it will be appealing the decision.

Casino Taxi says cab drivers will receive extra training and reminders about policies. Angie Herman, the company’s director of finance and administration, says those who won't comply will not work for the company anymore.

“Customer safety is always first,” said Herman. “Prior relationships can never trump customer safety.”

Casino Taxi says there are GPS units in every cab, which means the company can keep track of every driver at all times. But GPS and cameras are concerning to some privacy experts, especially about who can access the information and how long it’s kept.

Still, the local taxi association says those who are honest have nothing to worry about.

"Nobody wants to know where you are when you're not working. Nobody wants to know where you are unless an incident occurs,” said Dave Buffet, president of the Halifax Taxi Association.

Herman says customers who download the company app will get information on the driver and the vehicle before it arrives. That information can be saved on the smartphone before the taxi arrives.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Bruce Frisko.