Not everyone knows the difference between a Decepticon or an Autobot, but most people know a Transformer when they see one.

The alien machines have been around since the 1980s and recently, a new series of comics was released to celebrate their upcoming 30th anniversary.

The Regeneration One series is a limited edition collection with seven contributing artists.

The latest issue was released Wednesday. Its cover was inspired by an idea from comic book store owner Darrell Wall and completed by renowned IDW comic book artist Casey Coller.

“It is mind boggling,” says Wall. “I never thought when I opened this store three years ago that I would have a comic that’s exclusive to me.”

After four months of back and forth with comic book giant IDW and Hasbro, his vision became a reality.

“The colours had to be approved, the characters had to be approved. They didn’t want the Decepticons to be destroying Halifax, so they’re just visiting,” says Wall.

The edition has four different covers but the Halifax copy can only be purchased at Giant Robot in Dartmouth, where 1,200 copies of the comic are available.

Although Halifax is only on the cover, is has sparked nostalgia with many in the city.

“To even look at something that hasn’t existed in over 20 years, to come back and you can still see the nods to the old style in the new style, it’s fantastic,” says Samantha Bonin of Hal-Con.

Bonin says it is also a great way to kick off the comic festival which is slated to take place in Halifax on Nov. 8.

“You see the love for the fans and the love for the art and the love for the property and to have Halifax involved in that, especially Hal-Con, we’re just blown away,” says Bonin.

While comic book lovers are thrilled to see their city on the cover , it’s safe to say Wall is even more excited.

“I can’t believe that people will be walking around the city with a cover I sort of designed,” he says.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Gena Holley