HALIFAX -- A member of the Codiac RCMP has tested positive for COVID-19 after allegedly being exposed to the virus while responding to a call for service.

On Wednesday, officers responded to reports of a disturbance in Moncton. While attending the scene, they learned one of the individuals they were interacting with had tested positive for COVID-19.

“We’re not discussing or disclosing additional information about the address or circumstances of the initial call where the members were exposed to protect the private health information of all the individuals involved,” said Cpl. Hans Ouellette, media relations officer for the New Brunswick RCMP

One member who attended the incident on Wednesday has since tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

"Members were wearing face coverings," says Ouellette. "As soon as they became aware of the positive case, they followed protocols to limit their exposure and reduce the risk for anyone else. That includes rigorous sanitizing of equipment, self-isolation for the involved members, and extensive COVID-19 testing."

“The members that were involved, they were sent home to self-isolate and they’re following all the directions given to us by public health,” adds Ouellette.

RCMP in New Brunswick say they are working closely with public health to monitor and assess the situation, including providing extensive contact tracing information for members of the public who may have been in contact with the affected members.

New Brunswick RCMP says it is possible the exposure was unrelated to the call for service, and they are factoring this into their contact tracing investigation.

According to a news release on Sunday from the New Brunswick RCMP, precautionary testing and other measures are also underway for any RCMP employees with potential secondary exposure.

"I want to assure you we are taking this situation very seriously and public safety is our primary concern. That includes ensuring we have appropriate resources in place to provide policing services while we manage this current situation," says Cpl. Ouellette.

The New Brunswick RCMP says anyone who may be at risk of exposure to COVID-19 related to this situation will be contacted be public health.

“If you need to engage emergency services, or call the police while under directives related to COVID-19 that you’re given by public health, you need to please disclose that information to police or call 911 services as soon as possible so that first responders can actually take proper precautions for themselves and the rest of the public when we attend a scene,” explained Ouellette.