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Community hub set to be integrated in new school coming to north end Saint John


The New Brunswick government has announced a new community hub which will be integrated into the new elementary school set to be built in the north end of Saint John.

A Friday news release from the province says the hub will feature child-care facilities, including a dedicated, licensed early learning hub for children up to four-years-old, as well as spaces for school-aged kids. It will also have a multi-purpose room and community office.

In the release, the province’s education and early childhood development minister said the new hub will serve many purposes.

“Schools no longer serve strictly as places of learning, but often become the heart of the community,” said Bill Hogan.

“A hub of this kind will not only provide a space for children to continue developing their skills outside of school hours, but will have a positive impact on the community it serves for years to come.”

The original project for the school announced in the capital budget for 2023-24 came with a price tag of $41.69 million. The new community hub will come with additional costs of just over $12 million, bringing the grand total of the project to $53.71 million.

A new north end school is being built on the former site of Crescent Valley School in Saint John, N.B.

Hogan says the project will be monitored to see what’s successful, and use that for the implementation of future projects.

“In September we announced a replacement for two schools that have hosted programs that have benefited this community for more than half a century,” said Hogan.

“We are proud that the addition of a community hub to this new school will ensure continued access to these types of programs for all residents of north end Saint John in a modern environment. We will be closely monitoring the impact and will use what we learn to inform future projects.”

Minister Bill Hogan speaks at Hazen White-St. Francis School in Saint John, N.B., on April 19, 2024.

The new facility will be able to accommodate 522 students, and will replace Hazen White-St. Francis School and Centennial School, which are both more than 55-years-old.

The new community hub will be attached to the school, but will operate as its own independent facility.

Construction on the new school and the community hub is expected to begin in September, with both being slated to be open in September 2027.

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