A 73-year-old American woman is restarting her life in Nova Scotia’s Guysborough County, after being deported to the U.S. last week.

Nancy Inferrera is back home in the trailer she shares with her friend, 83-year-old Mildred Sanford.

Inferrera came to Guysborough four years ago to care for her lifelong friend.

However, despite public protest, Immigration Canada ordered her to leave the country last week.

Inferrera says she had only one thought as she prepared to leave Canada.

“That I’d never see my home again. I really did. I told Millie, I said ‘We’ll never, I’ll never see this place again,’ I said. See, she could come back, and she didn’t want to come back without me.”

So, both Inferrera and Sanford left Canada for the U.S.

However, Inferrera was granted a three-year temporary residency permit a few days after they crossed the border. Inferrera says they couldn’t get home quick enough.

“We both wanted just to get home and sit down and look around and enjoy that we were finally home,” she says.

“You know, if I could jump up to the moon I would,” says Sanford. “Because everything is over and we don’t have to worry about nothing now.”

Inferrera says she plans to make sure nothing like this happens again. When her temporary permit expires in three years, she plans to reapply for permanent residence.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh