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Dino-mite display: Halifax exhibit puts visitors in command of life-size dinosaurs


There’s been a dinosaur invasion in Halifax’s downtown core.

The Discovery Centre is hosting "Dinosaurs in Motion" -- an exhibit that features 14 life-size dinosaur sculptures made entirely out of recycled scrap metal.

Jillian Phillips, the science education coordinator at the Discovery Centre, says the display is fun and interactive for all ages.

“It’s such a cool mix of art, meets science and innovation,” said Phillips.

Visitors can manipulate each dinosaur through a lever-and-pulley system or by remote controls.

Artist John Payne designed the sculptures.

“The artist really got into biomechanics, looking at kinetic energy while melding in the science of these prehistoric creations and their anatomy,” explained Phillips. “There are motion-sensing pieces as well, so some of the dinosaurs move when you move.”

Lauren Gillis, a teacher at Rockingstone Heights School, said her students were amazed by what they saw during their school field trip.

“There were a lot of questions on the bus ride about dinosaurs and how they’re not around anymore,” said Gillis. “When we walked in they were so excited to see how realistic they looked.”

There are fan favourites like the tyrannosaurus rex and triceratops as well as some other critters in the spotlight.

“There are a few others that are our bird ancestors to the dinosaurs,” explained Phillips. “One of my favourites is the larger-than-life American crow, which sort of moves as you move.”

Bring your costume, or best dinosaur clothes, to join in on the Dinosaur March by the Discovery Centre starting at 10 a.m. Saturday outside The Pier on Terminal Road in Halifax.

For more information about the march or the exhibit, visit them online. Top Stories

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