Musicians and fans alike are in Halifax this weekend for the East Coast Music Awards.

Last night, artists took to the stage for the awards, but the winners aren’t the only ones celebrating.

There are over 70 music buyers here at the ECMA’s.

"It's a significant opportunity for Atlantic Canadian artists and their music companies to expand their touring, networking and their release territories for their records," says Scott Long, the Executive Director of Music Nova Scotia.

ECMA organizers say it isn't just the music industry that's booming this weekend.

"In terms of the impact of the city, about $6.5 million in economic activity will be generated for the province of Nova Scotia, and about $4.5 million of that will be right here in Halifax," says Andy McLean, Executive Director of the ECMA's.

Concerts and conference events continue throughout the weekend, drawing more crowds and cash to local hotels, restaurants and bars throughout the city.

Good news in particular for area restaurants that have been hit hard by on-going construction.

"It's been five long dusty years, and we're glad the dust has settled," says restaurant operator Lil MacPherson.

Now instead of the sound of construction, MacPherson says she's hearing the sweet sounds of success.

"It's really exciting, there's lots of music and lots of business," adds MacPherson.

From serving up suds to sounds, the ECMA's are creating a business boost both on and off the stage.

At the ECMA kick-off party, 2 Crows Brewing Company was a sellout and they've been busy trying to keep up with demand.

"We've had an increase in orders from bars and restaurants, especially in the downtown core, and we've had an increase in our tap room as well," says Mitch Gilbert of 2 Crows Brewing Company.

The ECMA’s continue this weekend with a series of concerts and songwriting groups.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Marie Adsett.