Much is back to normal in most of Fenwick Tower after a fire broke out on the building’s 26th floor.

Fire crews were called to the building Wednesday just after noon. Residents were told to evacuate, with some allowed to return about four hours later.

The new automatic sprinkler system left many tenants cleaning up on Thursday. Despite that, several feel lucky.

“If the sprinkler system wasn't there, then it could have been way worse than it was," says Fenwick Tower resident Kallee Philips.

The revamped sprinkler system is one of the new features that have already been added in the $125 million renovation of the 40-year-old building.

The owners of the building, Templeton Properties, don’t expect the fire to impact the renovation process.

"There was some water, but it's being cleaned up so we're go as usual right now,” says Matt Colavecchia of Templeton Properties. “The building's back to normal. Everybody was moved back in (Wednesday).”

Templeton Properties says they’re grateful the situation wasn’t worse than it was.

“Very thankful there were no injuries or deaths,” Templeton Properties said. “Pleased that their investments in life safety systems stood up to the test and despite causing water damage, fulfilled their role in extinguishing the fire and ensuring there is no loss of life."

Some floors still don’t have power. Residents say even though they’ve been moved in, they were forced to empty their freezers.

"The hallways are wet, the walls are wet, there's water leaking through the walls, so right now we're just waiting for all the dryers to finish drying so we can get our power back,” says Fenwick Tower resident Meghan Smith.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ron Shaw.