Several people have been arrested in what Fredericton police describe as a busy Thursday night.

Sgt. Sean Clark told KHJ Radio – a Bell Media radio station – Friday morning that officers responded to 28 calls for service overnight.

Clark said officers arrested one person for impaired driving by drug following a traffic stop in the Forest Hill area around 12:30 a.m. Friday.

"It was an observed violation by one of the officers," said Clark. "He had almost caused an accident, drove up onto somebody's yard."

Clark said the 21-year-old male driver was determined to be intoxicated by drug.

"For that charge to be facilitated, you need what's called a DRE, or a drug-recognition expert," he said. "None of our members are qualified for that, so we had to call somebody from [the Department of National Defence) to do that."

Clark said the driver was also found to have several warrants, and there were prohibited weapons in the vehicle.

Officers also arrested five people following a disturbance call at the McDonald's restaurant on Prospect Street.

Sgt. Dave MacLean told CTV Atlantic that officers were called to a fight in the parking lot around 4 a.m. Friday.

MacLean said the fight began because there had been some property damage done to someone's vehicle window.

He said all five people were released unconditionally, and no charges will likely be laid.

Police originally told KHJ Radio the disturbance happened in the Tim Horton's parking lot and that 10 people had been arrested.

Clark said officers also arrested three people in a neighbour dispute in the city.

"It'd been the third time we'd been called there within the last 24 hours," said Clark.

And police also responded to a break and enter on Lincoln Road around 2:30 a.m. Friday.

Clark said someone broke into a shed and stole several items before trying to break into the residence by kicking in the door.

He said the homeowners phoned police and the suspect fled the scene before officers arrived.

"The person left some physical evidence at the scene so we're going to be able to follow up on that," he said.

With files from KHJ Radio's Brad Perry.