GLACE BAY, N.S. -- With a number of sports cancelled because of COVID-19 this summer, golf seems to be the game of choice.

Tee-times are harder to come by, as golf courses in Cape Breton see a spike in people hitting the greens.

A record number of players are hitting the greens so far this season. Golf course owner Harvey Ellsworth says he hasn't been this busy in nearly 10 years.

"Everybody is busy," Ellsworth said. "Lingan is maxed out time-wise, North Sydney. The only tee times we have is a few in the morning, and if you don't book in advance you are not getting on the course in the evening."

Golfer Donat Arsenault says it's been extremely difficult. He's only been out a handful of times this year.

"I heard of one individual who phoned 75 times," Arsenault said. "You have to phone as the pro shop is open and everything is available online. Within five minutes the times are gone for the day."

Arsenault says a combination of people having less work, more time, and golf being one of the few options has many swinging the clubs.

"There's a lot of people off work," Arsenault said. "Students and teachers, so golf has been one of the first sports that everyone is able to go out and do."

Ellsworth is hoping the trend will continue with first-time golfers getting a feel for the game.

"We have golfers that are ball players, lob ball players, and it has created work," Ellsworth said. "I have two additional people here just to clean carts."

Ellsworth says it's even a challenge to find time to water the grass, because golfers are on the course from sunup to sundown; but, he admits, it's a good problem to have.