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Halifax ball hockey group celebrates 5 decades of playing


A ball hockey group in Halifax which celebrates players from all walks of life is celebrating five decades since their conception.

Started by a group of friends who grew up playing road hockey, the team has since gathered members who want to get that bit of childhood nostalgia -- with a little competitive edge.

“We played in all types of weather, you didn’t care because you were 15, 16, who cares, then as the years rolled by it got to the point where we weren’t 15, 16 anymore. We were 22, 23,” said co-founder of the Six Pack, Randy MacKenzie.

“We played ball hockey all our lives, lets try to keep it going, and so we started playing in a little gym on Ochterloney Street in Dartmouth.”

MacKenzie says part of the appeal of the Six Pack is the laid back nature, all while still being competitive.

“It’s not a league, back in the early days we used to play with other teams, but we found other teams were a lot like ice hockey is, where they think they’ll join the NHL and they drive you into the wall. We didn’t want that; we’re a gentleman’s group,” said MacKenzie.

“I always enjoyed playing ball hockey and as soon as I got here I liked the fact that it was competitive but not crazy competitive. We were having some laughs and everyone is cheering each other on,” said president of the Six Pack, Doug Penrose.

Outside of just playing some hockey, members also get life long friends, with some players being a part of the team for decades.

“I’m the longest [serving] goaltender with the Six Pack, I’ve been playing for 22 seasons now,” said Craig Jackman, who was also named this season’s MVP for the team.

“After 22 years and playing with other guys who have been here longer, and some have been here for 15, 16, so we’ve built a friendship which is really good.”

While they may be past their days to join the NHL, players of The Six Pack all have one thing in common, their love for hockey.

With files from CTV's Jim Kvammen.

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