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Halifax pep rally counts down to Canada Winter Games

Team Nova Scotia prepares for the 2023 Canada Winter Games with a pep rally in Halifax on Jan. 28, 2023. (Hafsa Arif/CTV Atlantic) Team Nova Scotia prepares for the 2023 Canada Winter Games with a pep rally in Halifax on Jan. 28, 2023. (Hafsa Arif/CTV Atlantic)

In three weeks, almost 300 Nova Scotia athletes, coaches and managers will make their way to Prince Edward Island to compete at the 2023 Canada Winter Games.

To celebrate, Team Nova Scotia hosted a pep rally outside city hall in Halifax.

The group marched down Argyle St. to the Grand Parade in blue and white, representing the colours of Nova Scotia.

An African drumming performance led the way to the stage, followed by an Indigenous ceremony that included well wishes and a prayer.

The team is gearing up to compete against the best athletes from across the country.

“It’s really a culmination of the hard work of these athletes, coaches, and the support personnel in getting our athletes ready to attend this incredible national multi-sport event,” said Lori Lancaster, the chef-de-mission for Team Nova Scotia.

For some of the players, this is the first time their sport will be included in the Canada Games.

“It’s the first time that karate is going to be in it, so it was just a big thing for us and everyone is just super excited,” said Mikayale German, who will be competing in the sport.

From squash to wheelchair basketball, the Canada Winter Games will feature 20 different sports in total.

For the players, they’ve dedicated most of their years training for this moment.

“I am excited to be playing some players that are my age. There aren’t too many around here,” said Emmett Workman, who will be competing in squash.

The pep rally also marked the first time platers representing Nova Scotia met.

“Everyone seems pretty united. We come from different places and everything but come together as Nova Scotia,” said Carter Bryk.

After the pandemic cancelled all international and national tournaments, organizers and athletes are excited for the chance to get back out there and compete on a national level. Top Stories

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