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Inside the 'Secret Life of Squirrels' with N.S. photographer Nancy Rose


As a wildlife and nature photographer, Nancy Rose has incredible patience.

Rose is the creator behind the "The Secret Life of Squirrels" – a series of children’s books and calendars capturing real-life squirrels engaging in human activities.

“I never knew there were so many people interested in squirrels,” said Rose. “However, the response has been incredible.”

(Source: Facebook/ The Secret Life of Squirrels - Nancy Rose)

From mailing a letter, to sewing or ordering pint-sized takeout – Rose, who is a retired home-economics teacher from Hubley, N.S., makes each tiny set by hand to photograph the wild creatures.

“You can't really go to the store and buy squirrel sized props so started making my own,” said Rose.

After years of experience, she has a few tricks up her sleeve to capture the perfect scene.

"I have to think how I arrange the props so the squirrel will be in a position that he might look at the camera for me to get the picture,” said Rose. “Then to get him in the scene, I hide sunflower seeds.”

(Source: Facebook/ The Secret Life of Squirrels - Nancy Rose)

After setting the perfect shot on a platform in her yard, she waits – sometimes for a long time.

"There might be eight squirrels running around and nobody shows up,” said Rose. “It’s a lot of waiting.”

(Source: Facebook/ The Secret Life of Squirrels - Nancy Rose)

Rose's sixth book is set to be released in May. Her images have also been made into a puzzle as well as fabric, which will soon be available in local stores.

"My first career was as a home-economics teacher and I sewed, so it's kind of come full circle,” said Rose.

At the end of the day, Rose hopes to bring a little joy to her readers.

“There's too much sadness in the world,” said Rose. “We've got to have something fun."

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