Saturday was a special day for sisters Eva Rushton and Sandra Barron.

They were reunited after being separated for 47 years. Barron flew in from Ontario for the long-awaited reunion.

The sisters were placed in separate foster care homes in Nova Scotia when Barron was five years old and Rushton was two years old.

Rushton started searching for her sister when she was 18, but she couldn’t get the information she needed to find her from police or Child Services.

This past winter, Rushton made a new attempt to find Barron by making a Facebook page called ‘Missing Sister Rushton.’ After a few days, the page was shared more than 13,000 times and the sisters eventually reconnected.

From that day on, the pair have been in touch regularly.

“It’s like a puzzle and now the missing piece is there. I’ve got all I need now. It’s nice to say you know your family,” said Barron.